Art of Life Salon & Spa stylists, estheticians, and massage therapists possess unique skillsets based on education, experience, and areas of specialization. Art of Life Salon & Spa provides continuing education opportunities through Aveda to further develop our talent and to offer the latest in style, personal care, and spa services.

Shelley Bettis
JoAnn Jacobsen
Gabi Heuton
Amanda Medhus
David VanGinkel
Jackie Dolphin
Alli Hora
Chelsea Cooper
Tori Bennink
Katie Talley
Lindsay Curry
Julie Stark
Kavita Binnebose
Bierle Heintz
Georgia Bell
Taylor White
Tay Douglas
Aubri Adams
Erin Parks
Molly Mckee
Lauren Ellingboe
Sierra Boge-Kirby
Maci Ballard