Know Before You Go

Prepare for your microblading appointment

  • 4 Weeks Before– Stop the use of any Retinol products, chemical peels, Laser Treatments, Microneedling, or any resurfacing treatments during the 4 week prior to the appointment. If you have used Accutane you must wait 1 year before having the treatment done.  Botox can be done 2 weeks before or after your eyebrow treatment.
  • 5 Days Before– Stop the use of any products that are not medically prescribed that thin the blood. Medications, Aspirin, Advil, ibuprofen or Fish Oils should be stopped if possible 5 days prior. Tylenol can be taken for aches and pains within the 5 days. Discontinue the use of any age defying products that may contain any acids. If you have oily skin, please exfoliate the eyebrow area a couple of times prior to the appointment.
  • 24 hours Before– Please limit any alcohol the night before and limit caffeine and/ or coffee the day of the treatment. 1 cup of coffee or caffeine is okay. No tanning within 24 hours of the treatment.