Welcome to our Blog! We hope this blog provides greater value to our guests as we deep-dive into specials of the month, products, and the newest trends in the industry. 

We are excited to launch our partnership with Smashbox with four of our favorite products along with a Smashbox makeup event August 3l. You won’t want to miss it! Let’s get into our products. I asked a couple of our artists what their favorite products were after using them on themselves and others. Here’s what they said: 

Our stylist, Sierra, loves the Cali Contour Palette. This palette has everything in one; blush, contour and highlight. One palette for all your makeup needs? Say no more! The finished product gives you a beautiful dewy summer glow. The Cali Palette is available in store and is one of our favorites amongst all of our stylists. Sierra also recommends the Halo tinted primer. It goes on smooth as butter and leaves your face NOT feeling cakey. The kicker with this product is that it offers 25 SPF and hydration to your skin. Sierra uses a brush to evenly apply it over her face and neck. However, you can also use a sponge if you like that technique better. 

Olivia, our makeup guru, loves the Illuminating Primer. It offers the effects of a soft glowy look and has a little bit of bronze to it as well. The best way to use this product would be under a tinted moisturizer or foundation for someone looking to achieve the dewy or glowy appearance. Wow! I am sold. She also enjoys the dual liquid blush and lip tint. Olivia loves that it can be used in more than one step of a makeup routine, keeping it simple and looking flawless! The best ways to use this product as a blush is with a sponge or your ring finger, blotting or in circular motion for the best application. The lip tint portion of this product goes on just like a lip gloss but gives the appearance of a simple tint rather than a full coverage lipstick. 

Thank you, Sierra and Olivia! Both are great makeup artists along with our esthetician, Tay. Do any of these products sound like something that needs to be added to your makeup routine? Come in to the salon to get a makeup application for $50! This will give you greater education on what works best for you and your skin. Watch out for our Instagram posts this month, showcasing these products and how they are applied. Can’t make it in for an application just yet? We will be having a Smashbox event at the end of the month where you can spend some time at the salon, get to know our artists, and get your makeup done to test out the products that will leave you feeling more beautiful than ever!